Envision the Post-Web: Artifact Submission

Use Your Imagination & Extraterrestrial Powers to Envision the Post-Web

Imagine for a moment you either possess omnipotence or are part of a technologically superior extraterrestrial or non-human intelligence society tasked with overseeing humanity’s progress. While observing the current state of human affairs from the perspective of higher intelligence, you’ve become concerned with the misuse of the internet and communication technologies and have chosen to intervene and restore balance.

To achieve this, you must instruct humans to revolutionize Earth’s internet and communication infrastructure through careful and precise elements or steps to bring about change. Submit your 5 to 10 elements or steps for humans to alter their fraught relationship with the web and communications, doing so in the form of a story, article, video, or song. Feel free to go the mystical route with your instructions or to maintain as much logic or concrete information as you’d like. Remember: you are your own conception of omniscience or higher intelligent lifeforms.

For background & submission guidelines: Black Sky Society Invites You to Envision the Post-Web | Black Sky Nexus

For questions: Envision the Post-Web: Questions & Answers

Submission Template

  • Your name or pseudonym:
  • Short bio (280 characters):
  • Ethereum address:
  • URL to submission Tweet:
  • URL to raw files of your artifact (e.g. mp4, wav, doc, pdf etc.):
  • Your name or pseudonym: mutualismxs

  • Short bio (280 characters): Pablo works as a media artist and designer developing ambiguous software, generative systems, experimental interfaces and transmedia narratives at the intersection of social coordination and post-capitalist economies.

  • Ethereum address: 0xCB22c1C37393ce912858512C29fE2BeBEa0Dd724

  • URL to submission Tweet: https://twitter.com/mutualismxs/status/1680586591855693824

  • URL to raw files of your artifact (e.g. mp4, wav, doc, pdf etc.): https://frugal.systems/mycelial-echoes.jpg

The original image file (at the link, not in the tweet) contains a hidden text file. To reveal it, use the open-source program steghide with the following command: steghide extract -sf mycelial-echoes.jpg

The password to extract the file is the visible text floating to the right of the image.

The prompt contained in the hidden text file should be used as an input in the most advanced Large Language Model you have access to. Both the prompt and the infinite possible conversations that emerge from the prompt activation are what constitutes my entry into the ‘text/story’ category.

Safe travels!

Name: tyler
Bio: I’m a product designer working on crypto-social software.
Eth Address: 0x4718ce007293bCe1E514887E6F55ea71d9A992d6
URL to tweet: https://twitter.com/steadydrift/status/1690559548371693568
URL for File: Imgur: The magic of the Internet

Included is a recent screenshot from an ancient “website” on the “web”. Before Telos this website helped build consensus around history across the world. It includes a quaint description of The Telos Event.

@ambiguous and @steadydrift : really appreciate your submissions. We are going to be extending the timeline of this competition out, as we haven’t received that many submissions, and need to make some greater efforts in getting this competition out there. Hope you understand and thank you for being part of this journey!

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